Affiliated Companies

The Liesfeld family of companies provide integrated solutions for most site development projects. From wetland mitigation permitting to cost-effective site development, we help land developers save time and money.

Gillies Creek Industrial Recycling – Gillies Creek is a diversified company with products and services to fulfill the needs of construction projects throughout Central Virginia. We offer contractors useful resources throughout the entire course of any project from borrow pits to recycled products, plus a state approved facility to dispose excess topsoil, dirt, brush, asphalt, and concrete. Visit Gillies Creek’s Website

Byrd Creek Wetlands – From engineering to construction, Byrd Creek can provide turnkey mitigation solutions for your team. With our company’s experience in mitigation banking and relationship with the IRT, we can be a valuable asset to any development team that is impacting streams and wetlands. Visit Byrd Creeks’ Website

Zoen Garden Creation – Junko Liesfeld, founder of Zoen Garden Creation, is a native of Japan and has been immersed in the art of Japanese garden design all of her life. She grew up surrounded by and exposed to many different styles of Japanese gardens. In 1995, she founded Zoen Garden Creation, since then Zoen has designed and constructed gardens of various sizes. A Japanese garden offers beauty born of respect for nature and a unique opportunity for self-expression and reflection. The goal of Zoen Garden Creation is to create a sanctuary for our clients and allow them to interact with nature and enjoy a constantly evolving work of art. Visit Zoen Garden Creation’s Website