All of the Managers listed in this section have spent a minimum of one year in the field working with the field crews and garnering a real-world appreciation for the challenges and complexities of site work. They have witnessed first hand the adverse effects of poor weather on schedule maintenance. More importantly, they have learned the remedial actions necessary to develop a recovery schedule.

Each of these managers has learned to coordinate our work with the work of other trades to facilitate the project’s schedule.

Each of these managers has learned to plan ahead and to develop a daily, weekly, and monthly strategy aimed at meeting the scheduled milestone dates.

Each of these managers has experienced firsthand the importance of jobsite safety and equipment maintenance.

Each of these managers has been trained to effectively interact with the client toward problem resolution.

Each of these managers has been trained to view our clients as partners rather than adversaries.

Finally, each of these managers understands that, regardless of their age, position, education, or experience level, if the need arises to return to the field to enhance production they will unhesitatingly respond to that need.


Joseph E. Liesfeld, Jr. – President
Joseph E. Liesfeld, III. – Vice President

Kelby Morgan – Operations Manager
Lew Bryant – Chief Financial Officer
William Roberts – Business Development Manager

Kevin McLeod – Senior Estimator
Steve Wright – Senior Estimator

David Wetzel – Senior Project Manager
Greg Blevins – Senior Project Manager
Brian Walker – Project Manager
Stephen Gallagher – Project Manager
Taylor Farley – Project Manager

Thomas Wilson – General Superintendent
Jeff Harcum – General Superintendent

Paul Ronson – Safety Manager
Jimmy Fillion – Equipment Manager