Magnolia Green Stream Restoration


Project: Magnolia Green Stream Restoration
Location: Chesterfield, VA
Client: IStar Financial
Contract Value: $1,100,000
Completion Date: 2014
Job Duration: 10 Months
Engineer: Timmons Group

About this project

In 2014, Liesfeld completed the 4,300-foot Magnolia Green Stream Restoration project. The project featured over 6,500 live stakes, 3,330 plantings, 2 stream crossings, 2,200 feet of toewood, and 103 structures. The project had limited access through an existing neighbourhood that entailed complex sequencing and staging to limit impact to homeowners. The project also involved setting up three temporary bridges to allow the golf course access through the project area.

In 2010, Liesfeld completed the 2,600-foot stream enhancement project supporting the Magnolia Green Golf Couse. The project entailed over a dozen structures, 200 trees, and 10,000 square yards of stabilization matting.

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