J.E. Liesfeld Contractor has the capability to perform a variety of services in the environmental construction sector. The environmental construction division is broken into two areas, new construction and maintenance. The last few years have seen an array of new stormwater regulations with federal, state, and local governments. With this comes new challenges to construction and development. The design and implementation of the new stormwater regulations are generally clear, however the maintenance is not. This is where Liesfeld can become an important partner for any developer.

The primary focus of the environmental division is stream restoration and wetland construction. Whether it’s for a private wetland bank developer or a local municipality, Liesfeld has a wealth of experience and knowledge in constructing and restoring wetlands and streams.

The growing focus of the environmental division is maintenance. This includes both monitoring and solutions to BMP facilities such as retention ponds, filtration systems, underground storage systems, and sand filters.

One angle that sets Liesfeld apart is that we also develop our own wetland and stream banks through our sister company Byrd Creek. Liesfeld understands regulations from the USACE and all applicable environmental agencies. We bring a local touch to all projects with over 43 years of working in central Virginia cultivating deep relationships with engineers, suppliers, and inspectors.




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