Safety – “A Way of Life”

J.E. Liesfeld Contractor, Inc. delivers its site preparation and site development  work product on time, within budget, and to specification. That product is also  delivered under the protection of an ongoing safety program.

Our safety program adds value to our site preparation and site development  services as it minimizes, to the fullest extent possible, the opportunities for jobsite accidents and their attendant costs in lost productivity, increased insurance  premiums and litigation. These safety-induced benefits accrue not only to our company and its employees but also to our client. Liesfeld utilizes an independent safety-consulting firm to administer its comprehensive safety program that involves:

• Monthly safety audits of every job
•Regular safety training for all employees, including: hazardous materials training,
first aid and CPR training
• Weekly tool box talks with job foremen
• Periodic distribution of safety brochures with weekly paychecks.
• Annual updates of the Liesfeld Safety Manual
• A zero tolerance policy toward drugs and alcohol, enforced through a program
of random drug and alcohol testing combined with post-accident testing