In 1972, the company began as a sole proprietorship of Joseph E. Liesfeld, Jr. During 1976, the company incorporated under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Joseph E. Liesfeld, Jr. owns 100% of the outstanding common stock and serves as the President and Secretary of the Corporation. Joseph E. Liesfeld, III, the founder’s eldest son, serves as a corporate Vice President and manages the firm in all respects.

Since 1972, the company has grown into a full-service commercial site preparation contractor, with an average payroll of about 100 employees. From its one-machine beginning, the firm today owns or leases 100 pieces of heavy earth moving machinery, capable of providing support for most site preparation tasks.

Supporting the on-site machinery is a fleet of dump trucks and tractor-trailers used to bring materials to and from the jobsite.

A commitment to stay current with site preparation technology is evidenced by the firm’s fully computerized estimating system, its ongoing and expanding use of grading and sewer lasers and, most recently, the acquisition of global positioning systems which are married to computerized machine controls.

An ongoing scheduled maintenance program coupled with a daily maintenance regime enables the business to provide its jobsites with efficient, productive, work-ready machinery.