Minority Participation

J.E. Liesfeld is committed to minority participation in all of its work and we solicit the submission to our office via regular mail, telefax, or e-mail, the credentials and resumes of all minority firms, municipalities, or any government agencies  interested in partnering with us, subcontracting from us, or engaging in a “mentoring” program with us.  Please submit this information to J.E. Liesfeld Contractor, Inc. 1851 Bennington Road, Rockville, Virginia 23146.  Our telefax number is 804-749-4566 to the attention of William Roberts, Business Development Manager or e-mail us at wroberts@liesfeld.com.

J. E. Liesfeld Contractor, Inc. has a long and strong history of working with minority subcontractors in the trucking, site concrete, utilities, and paving parts of our sitework projects whether or not any “minority goals” exist for those projects.  We are hopeful that through our website outreach to the minority contracting community, we will be able to expand our mutually beneficial relationships with minority owned firms throughout our market area of Central Virginia.