Liesfeld releases new website

After a long term project of crafting a new marketing experience, which features a new website….and we’re here! The overall design and marketing material was pondered for some time. Our last website that was ground breaking in Richmond built in 2006…however with the increasing changes in websites and our every evolving company we decided it was time for a new look.

New Features:

  1. Company History – We’ve put together a more interactive design that allows you to trace through the decades of Liesfeld History. Last year we celebrated 40 years of business.
  2. Portfolio – We’re one of the most project diverse site contractors in Central Virginia and wanted to show that off. Now there are a lot  more projects available for view and you can narrow the project listing by market. There are other odds and ends including more pictures, project specs and capabilities provided.
  3. Capabilities – In the past we’ve marketed our core capabilities related to site work like grading, clearing, asphalt paving and so on. But as many clients already know….Liesfeld brings a lot more to the table. Now we’ve broken capabilities into four key areas such as site development, specialility contracting, transportation and client services.
  4. Subcontractor – We’ve increased the outreach presence on the website for subcontractors. We’ll begin to list public outreach attempts for public sector projects. Also available are a subcontractor pre-qualification form and an estimators list with corresponding emails.
  5. Blog  – Instead of a stale website  we’ll be updating a blog on the site. The blog will feature project news, profiles & interviews of employees at Liesfeld and other tidbits for your viewing pleasure. Also with the ever increasing grasp of social media you can share items a lot easier. We’ve also got two new hot project updates that have been posted.
  6. Social Media – Going back to the ever increasing grasp of social media in our daily lives…you can follow Liesfeld on your favorite social media networks! Liesfeld is on Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  7. Management BiosWe’ve got some new faces (well new on the website) in management at Liesfeld.

Special thanks to Richard de Rujiter and Socialmedium for the help.

Please send us your thoughts and suggestions!


William Roberts
Business Development