Fort A.P. Hill Update – Federal Sector Overview

Fort A.P. Hill Update:

In August, Liesfeld will perform a pipe culvert replacement project directly for Fort A.P. Hill. The project includes complex traffic control sequencing, placement of a temporary bridge on detour route, demolition of culvert, installation of triple pipe crossing and asphalt paving. The project is located on South Range Road and is expected to be completed by September.

In May, Liesfeld reached substantial completion of the 800/1200 Meter Ranges at Fort A.P. Hill. The project involved construction of two large training ranges, setting of targets and construction of related roads. The 800/1200 Meter Range located on the South Side of Fort A.P. Hill is part of the Assymetric Warfare Group (AWG) Training Complex on the northern side of Fort A.P. Hill. The 800 Meter Range consists of a 800 meter firing range, range control tower, and various support buildings. The 1200 Meter Range consists of a driving course, with over 200 targets that are stationary and moving from soldiers to vehicles (that move). The targets included installation of large segmented block retaining walls.

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Fort A.P Hill – The 800 Meter Range (Right) and the 1200 Meter Range (Left)

Later this fall, Liesfeld will obtain the substantial completion of the Assymetric Warfare Group (AWG) Training Complex on the northern side of Fort A.P. Hill. The AWG Training Complex comprises over 672 acres, 10 miles of road ways, bridges, operational underground subway tunnel, railway, over fifty building pads,  and large scale mass grading. The project is broken into two distinct areas, the Administration Side (left side of the photo at the top) and Urban Side (right side of the photo at the top). The Adminstration Side consists of several administration buildings and related parking lots. The Urban Side consists of a large scale realistic urban battleground training complesx.

Assymetric Warfare Group (AWG) provides operational advisory support to Army and Joint Force Commanders globally to enhance solider survivability, combat effectiveness and enable the defeat of current and emerging threats in support of the United Land Operations.

Federal Sector Overview:

Since 2007, Liesfeld has performed site construction for federal military installations around the state from Quantico, Charlottesville, Fort Lee, Fort A.P. Hill, and Fort Eustis.  From large sprawling training facilities, intelligence data centers, administration facilities, and compact warehouse sites…J.E. Liesfeld Contractor, Inc. has one of the most diverse federal portfolios of any site contractor in Virginia.

This experience benefits our clients from our relationships with United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Construction & Regulatory representatives. We understand the submittal process, safety protocols, security requirements, environmental protection, contractor quality (CQC) and field engineering. Our capabilities from GPS grade control machines, implementation of new types of equipment, design-build,  and our constructability/value engineering client services are well integrated with federal projects.

We treat our federal clients a lot like our private clients from the angle of building relationships with all the team members from the client, inspectors, safety officers, and quality control officers always looking down the road to the next project. As one USACE contracting officer at Fort A.P. Hill said, “We were excited when we saw Liesfeld was performing the site construction”

Since 2007 we’ve completed the following Federal Projects:

The Underground Subway at the AWG Training Complex. (this photo was taken early this year)

The Underground Subway at the AWG Training Complex. (this photo was taken early this year)

1.) Fort Lee – North Range Training Ammunition Supply Point
2.) Fort Lee – AIT Dining Facility
3.) Fort Lee – Company Operations Facility
4.) Charlottesville – Joint Use Intelligence Analysis Facility
5.) Fort A.P. Hill – SCOE EOD Training Facility
6.) Fort A.P. Hill – Warrior Training Complex
7.) Quantico – Security Guard Training Center
8.) Fort Eustis – Company Operations Facility
9.) Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond – Parking Deck