Site Engineering

Site Layout

Liesfeld performs most of the layout for its projects with its own in house survey crew. We believe the coordination of our work with that of our subcontractors can be delivered in a mutually supportive environment, which lends itself to greater efficiency for the entire site preparation team. Our site survey crew is experienced and uses the latest GPS technology.

GPS Control

Liesfeld has integrated state of the art GPS technology for our three dimensional precision earthmoving operations. Liesfeld utilizes Topcon 3D-MC2 Automatic Grade Control Systems for high speed precision grade control on dozers and graders.

Topcon 3D-MC2 incorporates the use of GPS and GLONASS position and elevation information with a high speed blade control sensor called 3D-MC2. This high speed blade control sensor provides highly accurate blade elevation and slope information at a high rate of speed. This allows the machine to be run at twice the ground speed of conventional automatic grade systems while producing results that meet or exceed even the tightest grade tolerances.

In addition to using 3D-MC2 for building grade and working slopes on dozers and graders, Liesfeld also uses Topcon Millimeter GPS for high speed, high accuracy Automatic Trimmer operations for road building applications. Millimeter GPS uses Topcon GPS technology and incorporates a Vertical Beam Positioning Zone Laser (PZL) with a machine mounted Positioning Zone Sensor (PZS-MC) for elevation control. The Millimeter GPS when utilized in Trimmer operations produces vertical accuracy of one millimeter while increasing production.

Liesfeld’s in-field grade control operations are backed up by a highly trained and experienced staff utilizing the latest in Dirt Management Software for estimating, 3D Data Preparation, tablet computing technology, and Grade Checking operations.

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