John Tyler Community College – Science Building

In 2010, Liesfeld completed a full site work package for the John Tyler Community College – Science Building (60,000 SQFT Building). The project included extensive site demolition, grading and erosion control on a forty acre active college campus. Other site improvements included volley ball courts, retaining walls, modifying existing BMP, construction of large parking lots, […]

Broad Rock and Oak Grove Elementary Schools

Liesfeld completed the early site package for both of these Richmond City Schools. Each school had to be built on time prior to the existing schools being demolished. The complexity of these jobs included balancing the material between the two schools because Oak Grove was an import job and Broad Rock was an “excess” job. […]

St. Joseph’s Villa Site Infrastructure Improvements

From Jan 2011 to Feb 2012, Liesfeld updated the St. Joseph’s Villa infrastructure. Liesfeld installed over 2.5 miles of new storm, sanitary sewer, and waterlines. The schools hardscape was also updated by installing a mile of curb and gutter and placing more than 11,000 sy of sidewalks and subslabs for pavers. All this work was […]