Project: Stonebridge
Location: Chesterfield, VA
Category: ,
Client: Hoar Construction
Contract Value: $8,000,000
Completion Date: 2013
Job Duration: 12 Months
Engineer: Timmons Group

About this project

In 2013, Liesfeld completed the eighty-five acre Stonebridge development located at Route 60 & Chippenham Parkway in Chesterfield, Virginia at the old Cloverleaf Mall site.  The site featured massive site demolition from the existing shopping center and movie theater conducted by others.  The site features several retail chains such as the largest Kroger on the East Coast of the United States. The project was awarded the Best New Retail Project by GRACRE in 2013.

The Redevelopment Process

The Stonebridge Development sat at the previous site of the Cloverleaf Mall. The mall was demolished by others, and the by-product of that demolition was screened by Liesfeld into recycled concrete products for general fill purposes and base stone.

Site demolition items such as asphalt paving, curb & gutter, concrete paving, concrete pipe and other related items were  crushed on-site with Liesfeld’s fleet of mobile crushers. These materials were screened into suitable products and incorporated back into the project as stone base, backfill, or general fill material.

This process saved the client money but at the same time provided a wide approach to the LEED goals.

Site Development features included:

  1. 10,000 Feet of demolition of Sanitary, Water and Storm Sewer
  2. 60,000 Tons of demolition of asphalt paving
  3. Construction of two large sediment basins
  4. 5 Miles of Sanitary, Water and Storm Sewer installed. Storm sewer consisted of long runs of 60 inch RCP around the site.
  5. Building and site demotion debris was crushed and placed as stone base.
  6. Liesfeld recycled existing stone base for use for project.