Three Liesfeld Projects Win at GRACRE Awards

Richmond, Virginia – On April 23rd, three Liesfeld projects were honored at the 13th Annual GRACRE awards at the Country Club of Virginia. The projects included Capital One West Creek Campus, Rolls Royce Crosspointe, and Foundry Park (MeadWestVaco Headquarters).

The first award went to Capital One West Creek Campus for “Best New Office”. The project completed in 2013 for our client Hourigan Construction included site work related to a new parking deck and transportation construction on re-configuring the campus.  Learn more about the latest West Creek project and the original West Creek Campus construction.

The second award went to Rolls Royce Advanced Aerofoil Machining Facility (AAMF) for “Best Industrial”. The project completed in 2013 for our client Balfour Beatty Construction represented the second phase at Roll Royce’s Crosspointe Industrial Complex located in Prince George. Since 2007, Liesfeld has been working at the Crosspointe facility performing various site preparation services. Learn more about the Rolls Royce Crosspointe project.


Construction of the MeadWestVaco Headquarters in 2009-2010.

The third award went to Foundry Park (MeadWestVaco Headquarters) for “Best Office Sale”. The project completed in 2008 for our client Whiting-Turner Contracting was sold in 2013. The project also won in 2010 at the GRACRE Awards for “Best Office Building”. Foundry Park is a Richmond riverfront staple located between the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond and Tredegar Ironworks. Learn more about the Foundry Park project.

The GRACRE awards continue the long tradition of Liesfeld performing site preparation for premier development and construction projects throughout the Greater Richmond area.