Green Solutions (LEED)

J.E. Liesfeld Contractor, Inc. has taken the initiative to be an environmentally focused company by re-using and/or recycling much of the clearing and demolition debris generated from its projects. Liesfeld has become well versed in LEED crediting and USGBC resources through its participation in over fifty LEED silver/gold/platinum projects.

Clearing Debris

Every shred of wood accumulated from clearing operations is reused.  There are two by-products to clearing…the timber and the grindings. This timber is hauled to either a Liesfeld or third party saw mill where it’s cut into lumber. The grindings are hauled to either Gillies Creek Recycling where it is transformed into mulch, or to a Bio-Fuel production facility.

For the environmental conscientious client, Liesfeld also has the capability to reuse the clearing debris for site specific purposes. First, the lumber is hauled to a Liesfeld Saw Mill where it is custom cut and pressure treated. It can then be incorporated back into the project as directed by the client. The grindings are recycled into mulch at a Gillies Creek yard and returned to the site for use during landscaping. This capability has been of benefit to several projects including the Capital One Headquarters and Bank of America.

Demolition Debris

Site demolition items such as asphalt paving, curb & gutter, concrete paving, concrete pipe and other related items can be crushed on-site with Liesfeld’s fleet of mobile crushers. These materials can be screened into suitable products and incorporated back into the project as stone base, backfill, or general fill material. In 2012, this process was highlighted at the Stonebridge Project (Old Cloverleaf Mall).

All crushed material is tested by third party geo-technical agencies for quality assurance.

 Gillies Creek Industrial Recycling

Gillies Creek is a diversified company with products and services to fulfill the needs of construction projects throughout Central Virginia. We offer contractors useful resources through the entire course of any project including borrow pits and recycled products, plus state approved facilities to dispose of excess materials. Gillies Creek provides clients a green approach to materials such as topsoil blends, mulch, organic fines, biofilter material, crushed concrete, and more.

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