Rock Excavation and Crushing

Liesfeld Rock Saw

Liesfeld has the capability to mechanically excavate rock with the use of diamond saws. The use of this technique is ideal for urban construction zones which require limited/noise/vibration levels. The use of this track mounted machine will increase efficiency as the rock is pre-cut prior to hydraulic ramming. This method can be expanded to quarry work and trenching operations. This approach is far less obtrusive to the surrounding environment than traditional blasting and purely hydraulic ramming. Liesfeld is one of the very few firms on the east coast fully implementing this capability.

Traditional Rock Excavation

Liesfeld also provides clients traditional rock excavation including drilling/blasting, hydraulic rammming, and excavation.

Rock Crushing 

Liesfeld uses track mounted mobile crushers and can deploy multiple crushing operations on a single project. Crushed material can be produced into 6″ to 12″ fill material or screened to meet specific job requirements. Liesfeld’s unique process eliminates the need for exporting rock and importing fill material. The end result is a tailored solution that is faster and more economical. Liesfeld is one of the few operations in Virginia who can provide turnkey services when it comes to rock including blasting, excavation, crushing and placement.

Read about Liesfeld’s experience when encountering the hardest rock in Virginia at the JUIAF Project.


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