Site Concrete – Asphalt Paving

Site Concrete

Every site preparation and development project’s requirement for curb, gutter, sidewalks, entrance aprons, dumpster pads, steps and stoops are installed using the best site concrete subcontractors available in Central Virginia, most of whom conduct both machine pours and hand pours. Since site concrete is highly visible, we emphasize not only its strength but also its appearance, which must meet our high standards, as well as those of the owner and his architect.

Asphalt Pavement

Although we typically place stone over our sub-grade in preparation for pavement, the actual installation of the asphalt is conducted by one of several subcontractors we have worked closely with over the past forty years. We insist on proper installation to insure proper drainage, the elimination of troublesome “puddle” areas and the cosmetic appeal of the finished product to include the striping and signage.

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